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It drives me insane when I reach a block in my drawing. I want to draw so bad but can't for the life od me. It's so bad right now I can't even draw a simple base of a head! It's keeping me back from things I want to get done and causing ideas to pile up in my head which only make my block worse because I don't know what to do. When I try and draw something and I'm in a block like this I get easily frustrated and tear up my paper. I'd go through five pieces of paper before throwing my drawing binder aside in total surrender. It really bothers me when I want to draw something I know well, like my OCs, especially my OC Vex who is my favorite. Yet anytime I try and draw him I get mad and can't it makes me furious and makes me feel awful and makes me feel like I'm horrible at drawing...
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Kaen Hikari by Devil-in-the-Mirror
Kaen Hikari
Kaen is the son of my character, Jingai.

The two of them are apart of a roleplay that I have going on with

Kaen was taken from his father as their planet was attacked and destroyed when he was a toddler. Kaen was brainwashed and manipulated into what Aegis now declares him as, their, greatest soldier and weapon, making him half A.I., Ryder. Basically meaning he is half robot and half natural pyro elf.

He has no remembrance of his family, meaning he doesn't know his father is searching for him, or if he is even alive, or his past life as a prince on his home planet that Aegis wiped out and stole him from.

Because of Aegis' merciless attack, Kaen and Jingai are the last surviving Pyro Elves in the galaxy.


Art: ME :icondevil-in-the-mirror:
Kaen, Jingai: ME
Aegis, Ryders: :iconulver-av-nord:
4 days ago
:icondevil-in-the-mirror:Devil-in-the-Mirror has changed their username (formerly BrOkEnHeArTsAnDsOuLs)
Vex lay in usual location, curled up on his bed, alone, neglected, and feeling useless. His master never appreciated him, nor did his lover. He was never praised, never noticed. He would always be cast aside or left out. His gaze was to the ceiling as he lay there, deep in thought on how he could get notice and praise from his master. Yet, still knowing nothing he did would ever work as he never would get the chance to prove his worth as he is always cast aside.

"You seek approval? You desire a place to fit in?" A feminine voice whispered through his mind suddenly.

The sudden intrusion of his thoughts sent Vex into a panic as he grabbed his sword which he never keeps too far away from his person.

"Who's there?!" He shouted out at no one as there was no one else in the room but him.
"Oh hush. And that sword will do you no good. How can you fight what you cannot see?" The voice spoke again, accompanied by a soft, devious giggle that sent a heavy shudder down Vex's spine.

"Where are you?! Who are you?! What do you want?!" Vex shot questions out in his empty room before another one of her laughs cut through his mind, quickly silencing him.
"I am safely hidden away and I am simply projecting my thought to your mind. My name is Desiree and I am the Goddess of Lust. And, as for what I want, well it's quite obvious, I want everything. However for the case of right now, I want you."

"What?!" Hearing this anger quickly surged through Vex's body. "You cannot have me!"

"Oh? Why not? You mean to tell me you truly are happy where you are?" Again she laughed, "Do you feel useful at all to your master? Does your "lover" even love you?" This threw Vex into silent shock, he knew what she spoke was nothing but the truth, and get he could not bring himself to admit that.

"I'm pricing myself to them! I'm making myself stronger to please them!" As he spoke he raised his empty hand to grip the necklaces he wore at all time, the vial of his lover's blood and the gear amulet that calms and controls Vex's psychopathic vampire soul that shared his body.

"Ah but is your effort worth it? Does your work show?" She spoke now, "or does your master and lover just push you aside and consider what you do as a burden?" The words she spoke through his mind stung with every syllable. He knew all of this was true yet as she made it clearer he still denied such truth.

"Come with me. I will give you all that you desire and more. Why bear the mark of a god that does not even appreciate you?" At this point a chilling breeze flowed through the room despite the door and windows being shut and locked. Vex stood from his bed now and tightly gripped the hilt of his sword, preparing himself for a fight whatever possibly being that could appear. Within seconds the slight breeze then whipped up to a vicious gale. The wind became so intense Vex now had to grip the post of his bed with one hand and lift up his arm to shield his face from his bangs that now whipped about wildly.

Eventually the wind did slowly begin to die and as it did so it tightened into a cyclone for several moments until it faded further, revealing the figure of a woman. It would be when the wind faded away completely when her features became clear. She was stunning and perfect in every way. Her figure was an absolutely perfect hourglass with a full bust that could attract any man's lustful eyes. Her black and red gradient hair fell perfectly in its loose braid down her back, down her hips and her bangs cupped her flawless face, bringing emphasis to her big, enticing yet dark eyes.

Vex slowly lowered his arm and opened his eyes, falling into awe upon seeing her. She smirked then, showing off her perfectly straight and bright white teeth. He stared at her in silence and amazement of her beauty.

"Oh I see that look on so many mens faces, yet something about your look is different" her smiles widened then "and I believe I like it," at this moment she began to stroll towards him, moving the with slow grace of a noble.

As she closed the distance between the two of them Vex made no attempt to attack her, rather he actually lowered his blade. Seeing this she again laughed as she had before, causing yet another shudder to pass down Vex's spine.

"So? What do you say?" She now stood not even an inch away from him as she spoke and grinned. "Why don’t you come with someone who will appreciate and love you way more than they can and ever will?"

Vex did nothing but stare at her in complete silent as he was at a loss for words, "I..." was all he could manage, clearly even struggling with that as it came out in a hushed, hesitant whisper. In his nerves, he now clenched and unclenched his fists that fell uselessly at his sides.

“You what?” she smirked yet again as she now took his chin between her thumb and index finger. “You still have your doubts? Why doubt what you, and even I, know as true?”

“I…” again was all Vex could squeak out, falling stiff and still with her gripping his chin.

“Oh perhaps this will change your mind,” she giggled once again and tugged him closer by his chin, pressing her lips firmly against his. Vex’s eyes grew wide and his body tensed at the sudden forced kiss. She did not pull away right away, purposefully making the kiss linger. The longer the kiss lasted, the more Vex felt all the muscles involuntarily loosen causing his body to relax and fall against her body, his contours molding perfectly against her own.

The kiss lingered for several long moments, with each passing second, Vex felt the mood and feel of the kiss shift from forced and awkward to intimate and heated. As Desiree pulled away from her lips then, her own lips curled up into a seductive yet devious smile. “Well? Will you leave your neglectful master and join me at my side?” The hand that held his chin then moved to his cheek. “Will you come with me to a place where you will be accepted and loved for who you are and will never have to feel useless or neglected again?” her thumb now gently swept back a forth against his skin.

Almost as if Vex was swept up into some possible spell she had cast upon him by her kiss, he felt his head numbly nod and heard himself blankly speak, “I will.”
Down With the Gear
This a story that goes alongside my character Vex as he goes through some changes in his life. And since these changes are un-roleplayable I wrote a story about it as I did not want to let a great idea go to waste as just a thought.

Basically where Vex stands he is with a master who shoves him aside and barely pays him any mind. Vex tries his hardest to prove himself to his Master yet it always fails. Desiree, the new goddess notices this and decides to take Vex for herself knowing, he would be better off with her, which he indeed is.

This will most likely be more than one or two parts as it might unfold into a mini series as these ideas are between two of my own character's its very impossible to roleplay this as I cannot roleplay with myself.
Sugar by Devil-in-the-Mirror
Sugar is my dog, she is a beagle (obviously haha) and I drew her as an extra assignment for my art class that I am taking (even though I am a dentist and its meant for freshman)


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