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It drives me insane when I reach a block in my drawing. I want to draw so bad but can't for the life od me. It's so bad right now I can't even draw a simple base of a head! It's keeping me back from things I want to get done and causing ideas to pile up in my head which only make my block worse because I don't know what to do. When I try and draw something and I'm in a block like this I get easily frustrated and tear up my paper. I'd go through five pieces of paper before throwing my drawing binder aside in total surrender. It really bothers me when I want to draw something I know well, like my OCs, especially my OC Vex who is my favorite. Yet anytime I try and draw him I get mad and can't it makes me furious and makes me feel awful and makes me feel like I'm horrible at drawing...
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Vex and Luke Split Souls by Devil-in-the-Mirror
Vex and Luke Split Souls
With Vex under new loyalties, his souls have been split. Luke, the natural human, and Vex whom was the vampire experiment inserted into Luke from Draven.

Their individual personalities will be explained and described in their upcoming character bio as well as in my little series Down With the Gear. As well as how the two of them can now fuse themselves together back into one being with their own control.
The property itself was lush, with it in the center of a heavily wooded forest, it was cut out of sight my many. However if one was to follow the intricately designed stone read, they would soon be met by the gates of a tall and ornate iron wrought fence. The gate itself was grand and clearly presented who owned the estate through the large shield that had a calligraphic “D” plated and engraved into it with silver. The shield was perfectly centered on the gate and was surrounded by intricate metal words, branching from it in beautiful twists and swirls.

“Impressive, isn’t it?” Desiree now spoke as their car approached and passed through the gate. She and Vex had been sitting in the back seat of the car, she was looking at Vex with a smile as he stared out the window in awe from the beauty of the property.

The car went down the smother stone drive rather slowly, almost as if on purpose to allow Vex to soak in every detail of the front courtyard. It was immaculate, from the organization of the flowers in the gardens that surrounded the granite fountain, which was topped off by a statue of a cobra snake that spurted water from its mouth, down to the fine, straight striped pattern of the freshly mown lawn. The lawn itself was entirely free of foliage as the only trees near the property were those on the other side of the fence, in the forest that acted almost as a second fence. However, despite the openness of the estate, it still seemed to carry an odd eeriness to it, that Vex did not quite pick up on.

As the car pulled up to the manor now, Vex’s eyes widened even more from his amazement purely from the immense size of the mansion. “It’s quite lonely,” Desiree said as the car came to a full stop at the roundabout in front of the wide white marble steps that lead up to the ebony wooden double-door entrance. “But, I don’t see that as much of a problem any longer,” she added, sliding out of the car.

Vex quietly followed her out of the car and into the mansion, completely divulged by the immaculate design of everything. The interior was just as lavish as it was on the outside, with expensive furnishings and decor, keeping with the theme of reds, whites and blacks, with the occasional ornate accents of silver.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” she repeated herself, seeing the awe on his face. Desiree then took Vex by his hand, much to his surprise, and began to lead him up the winding staircase to the second floor which was simply a long corridor of nothing but doors. “This is simply where the servants and staff reside. I have the perfect amount of housing for all of them to live right here,” she boasted as she lead him to yet another set of stairs, not quite as large and grand as the main staircase. “And as for the third floor, it is simply my bedroom, a personal living room and some other private rooms. It’s almost like an apartment on top of the mansion.” She then grinned and went on as she lead him up the stairs. “You, of course, will be living with me and sleeping in my room.” Now she grinned, seeing Vex’s face quickly flush bright red.

“What’s the matter?” She asked, “Oh, I know what it is. Your lover never even slept in the same bed as you did she?” Vex was silent at this remark, wondering to himself how she knew this truthful fact. He now also raised his hand to grip the delicate vial of his lover’s blood that hung from his neck.

“Oh, come now,”  Desiree said and came in close to him.  “You shouldn’t look so upset, you should be happy! You’ve lifted those pesky weights off of your shoulders.” She smiled and uncoiled his hand from the vial and took it in her own hand. “You don’t need such pressure on you, so lets remove it.” Now she began to lift up the vial and remove the necklace from him.

Vex stood there with no sense of resistance. He watched her every move as she took the necklace off and simply crushed it in her hand. His eyes went wide now, although it was not because of the crushing of the vial, but it was because of what was happening to it as she did so. Rather than the glass shattering and blood getting all over her hand, the vial suddenly turned into a fine silver sand that glistened as it caught light. Desiree then slowly let the sand seep out between her fingers and cascade down to the floor, although, before the sand could even reach the hardwood floor, it seemed to simply just vanish into thin air.

“Now, isn’t that so much better?” Desiree smiled as she brushed her hands free of the excess sand. “Don’t you already feel those burdenous weights just fading away?”

Vex was just silent through all of this, unable to believe that the vial he once found so sacred is now completely gone. He was staring down at the floor where the sand would have been piled up if if had not vanished. As to what she had said, he did begin to feel something lifting inside of him, however it left him somewhat hollow now, having the connection between him and his, thought to be, lover.

"Come now, don't look so depressed," Desiree spoke now and, as before, took his chin in between her index finger and thumb and slowly lifted up his head to pull his gaze from to floor and bring it up to her face. "Do you know who it is that truly loves you? Who it is that will never bring pain to your heart or ever bring you lonliness?" She then let go of his chin to bring her hands up to his cheeks, cupping his face.

Being so divulged in her touch and mesmerizing gaze, Vex could not find any words to answer her questions. Not that he knew te answers to begin with. This caused Desiree to softly laugh in her usual devious way. "It's me of course!" She said now, in a very matter of fact tone as she now dropped her hands from his face to rest them on his shoulders. "I an your true lover! As I will only bring you the true pleasure and acceptance you desire. Isn't that what you want in your life? Wouldn't you just adore to have me as your lover?"

Now Vex managed to nod at her words, completely entranced by everything about her, now not just her appearance, but how she spoke as well. "I..." He then began to finally speak. "Yes.. I would love that.."
Kaen Hikari by Devil-in-the-Mirror
Kaen Hikari
Kaen is the son of my character, Jingai.

The two of them are apart of a roleplay that I have going on with

Kaen was taken from his father as their planet was attacked and destroyed when he was a toddler. Kaen was brainwashed and manipulated into what Aegis now declares him as, their, greatest soldier and weapon, making him half A.I., Ryder. Basically meaning he is half robot and half natural pyro elf.

He has no remembrance of his family, meaning he doesn't know his father is searching for him, or if he is even alive, or his past life as a prince on his home planet that Aegis wiped out and stole him from.

Because of Aegis' merciless attack, Kaen and Jingai are the last surviving Pyro Elves in the galaxy.


Art: ME :icondevil-in-the-mirror:
Kaen, Jingai: ME
Aegis, Ryders: :iconulver-av-nord:
Oct 19, 2014
:icondevil-in-the-mirror:Devil-in-the-Mirror has changed their username (formerly BrOkEnHeArTsAnDsOuLs)


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